Table Lamps Decors

Decorate your tables with these beautifully shell made products such as Capiz Table Lamps, capiz picture frame, shell boats, shell jewellery boxes, candle holder, capiz champagne bath accessories, shell baskets and other shell souvenirs. With these shell table decorations will help you to create some whimsical, elegant, and fun shell table decorations.

These Table Decorations products are well likely purchased by the customers due to its simple and natural made but in an exquisite and artistic impact. Jewellery boxes can be used as jewelry accessory storage and capiz champagne bath accessories can also be used as a storage. Keep your eyes on our items cause we still have plenty of table decorations to offer.

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Table Lamps Decoration

Emphasizing the beauty of shells made products gives an amusing and captivating design looks. Shell table decoration products are handcrafted and made from the various kinds of natural sea shells here in the Philippines. This includes capiz shells, sigay, caput shell and many more. We offer a high quality products with a cost effective price.

List of ALL Handmade Table Decoration Products:

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Capiz Cube

Capiz Shell Decoration

Capiz candle holder decoration

Capiz picture frames

bathroom accessories made of capiz shells

minitures table decors

shell baskets home decors

shell jewelry box

shell souvenirs home decors